When selecting a medigap insurance plan, you may think that the process can be long and difficult. At Patriot MediGap, a medigap insurance company in Maryland, we understand that everyone wants to make the process easier. That is why we have compiled a list of questions to ask a medigap agent so that you understand your benefits and what the right plan will be for you. 

Before speaking with a Medigap insurance agent though, it is important to remember that you should have certain information readily available for your appointment. Such as your date of birth, social security number, drivers license number, your medicare A & Bid Numbers, and whether you are currently enrolled or not in a medical supplement or medical advantage plan. Having this information will help your Medigap insurance agent find the right plan for you. 

5 Questions to ask a Medigap Insurance Agent


1. What plans are popular in my area? 

When enrolling in a Medigap insurance plan, make sure to ask if people in your area enroll in a specific plan. The reason you should ask this question is that premiums can sometimes be lower for a certain policy due to the number of people currently enrolled. By asking your agent what are the most popular plans in your area, your Medigap insurance agent will be able to compare the costs and benefit values for the plan you want.

2. Is there a waiting period before coverage? 

Another question you will want to ask your agent is if there is a waiting period before your Medigap coverage will begin. This is important because for example, what happens if you are diagnosed with a medical condition 6 months prior before purchasing a Medigap plan. What happens now? 

3. When will my coverage begin? 

Make sure to ask your agent this question before completing a purchase. Depending on when you purchase a policy, that will determine when your coverage begins. Your agent will know exactly when coverage is supposed to start. 

4. Are there similar plans with lower premiums? 

Finding the perfect plan by yourself is difficult. Before selecting your plan make sure to ask your agent if there are any other plans with the same benefits, just at a lower cost. Some plans may even have benefits that you don’t really need, so you may end up paying more for benefits that you don’t even use!

5. What are the out-of-pocket expenses? 

Remember to ask your Medigap insurance agent what out-of-pocket expenses you will be responsible for. Unexpected changes can be financially exhausting so make sure that you are selecting a plan you feel comfortable with. 

Questions to ask a MediGap Insurance Agent

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