Maryland Annuities Services

Maryland Annuities Services

A Smart, Long Term Investment

When preparing for retirement, creating the ability to generate an income on top of social security is a priority. One method to provide additional income for retirement is through annuities.

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Financial Returns in More Than One Way

There are a few different ways you can effectively invest your money to obtain future financial returns including options for 401k, 403b, Roth Ira’s, Inheritance, Keogh plans and financial settlements. Patriot MediGap and our Financial Professionals will help you to determine which of the follow annuities will work best for you based off of your income needs, risk tolerance, and goals:

Indexed Annuities – Enjoy a 100% “GUARANTEE OF PRINCIPAL” and advantages of fiscal growth of your chosen investments.  The index annuity option works for all 401k, 403B, Roth IRA, Keogh plans (which are by definition tax-differed annuities) and any other brokerage, life settlement contracts and are a lump sum contract. 

Considered a better option than cd’s, money market accounts, checking, saving, and fixed or variable annuities for people for over 55+. Index Annuities are best used for family’s needing to protect principle and enjoy stress-free growth of investment. 

 Variable Annuities – Money is put into investments and you earn returns based on how well or poorly the investments perform. Different investment options have different levels of risk and growth potential. This type of investment contract is generally used in instances where the client has a long time horizon to generate growth/income and to withstand the highs and lows of the market.

This type of annuity is commonly used all 401k, 403B, Roth IRA, Keogh plans, which are by definition tax-differed annuities. 

Fixed Annuities – Money is placed into a high-quality fixed-rate investment (bonds, ETFs, money market funds, etc.). These investments have a set interest rate which will be paid to the annuity holder over time. 

Why Patriot MediGap?

 Local, Experienced Insurance Agents

Here at Patriot MediGap, our financial advisors and professionals have the experience and skill to understand your current situation and figure out what options are available on the market to help you meet your current and future goals. Collectively we have over 90+ years of education and experience and are local Carroll County financial professionals.   You can meet by appointment with us face-face at our office or your home.  Our roots are in Carroll County, MD and our focus is to help improve our clients and neighbors financial futures.

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Here at Patriot MediGap we’re a personal insurance agency dedicated to serving the needs of our valued clients. We take the time to understand your needs and develop a customized insurance policy around what you need.

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