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Why Choose Long Term Care Coverage?

It’s just a fact, as we start to grow older, our need for health services increases. One service many will need is long term care. LTC is a type of personal assistance needed to sustain your quality of life and isn’t limited to nursing homes—most Maryland long term care plans may or may not provide adequate in-home assistance.  Don’t throw good money after bad by settling for what you purchased. Whether you have a current plan that is out of date or not, it is wise to make sure the policy is suited for you.  

Here at the Patriot MediGap, we can help you obtain a long term care insurance policy which fits your needs for in home care and/or in a LTC facility at a fair and honest, affordable and refundable price. 


There are a wide variety of reasons to consider a long term care policy. Each individual’s reasons for opting for this type of coverage can be a variety of the following reasons:

  • Health insurance does not cover the expenses of long term care
  • Medicare only covers up to 100 days of long term care
  • Medicaid coverage could be limited to a nursing home
  • Paying out of pocket for care is not practical nor cost-efficient “The Asset Killer”
  • Don’t become destitute and be forced into a local facility or one located miles away
  • Help your children with stressful and avoidable decisions on your behalf

Why Patriot MediGap?

 Local, Experienced Insurance Agents

There are many long term care insurance providers out there, so why work with a local Maryland Long Term Care Agent? We have been successful since 1996 by putting client interests first. Patriot MediGap brokers will shop for your needs with over 30+ carriers and are determined to incorporate the best of the best into a solid financial plan for your families future. 

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Here at Patriot MediGap we’re a personal insurance agency dedicated to serving the needs of our valued clients. We take the time to understand your needs and develop a customized insurance policy around what you need.

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